14 December 2009

Empty Handed

This afternoon a few of us decided to make a trip up to Coast Guard in search of dinner. Our main goal was to catch some lobster, but we planned to get a few conch and possibly a fish if we had time. It was a fruitless effort. And it gave us some insight into how depleted the fisheries (at least very local fisheries) are. We couldn't even find a lobster big enough to legally take, let alone catch one. We didn't find a single conch, and so we had no bait to catch a fish. We had pasta instead. If we were cavemen, we'd be hungry.

Wild donkeys that roam up near Coast Guard.

If we swam out farther towards the breakers, I'm sure we would have had more luck, but it's quite a long ways out and better accessed by boat. We found six small lobsters, which would have been tasty, but left them to grow. Overfishing of those small ones is a major reason nobody can catch larger ones anymore. Even though we came back empty handed, it was entertainment for the evening.

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