10 December 2009

Wrapping Up

Another semester comes to a close. Jessee was up early this morning (before 5am) to do the final room checks and accompany the students to Providenciales. Like usual, she stayed there for the day until all the students made their international connections and returned to South Caicos in the evening. I spent the day here helping the other staff with the various post-departure chores.

I'm sure Jessee will have more to say about it, but in all the semester went well. For me there were ups and downs between active and enjoyable times (like when the Smithsonian group was here) and down-right boring times (such as during the directed research projects when everybody else was very busy). Other than the short days, it doesn't feel like winter at all (it will be a complete shock to our systems when we return to the States next week). It was sunny and 85°F today.

The fact that it gets dark so early these days has meant a significant reduction in diving due to not having time to go after work hours. Although, since the directed research projects ended, I've managed to get out there quite a bit. I have more than 90 logged dives since arriving on South Caicos, and hopefully I'll hit the landmark 100 dives before break.

So what happens now? We'll have a few days of chores and work to do around the center, and then people will start leaving for the holidays. Actually, many are leaving for good, moving on to bigger and better things (we're really looking forward to 5 new staff members and at least 1 new non-staff "significant other" like me). We leave here on 17 December and return on 2 January, when we have tentative plans to visit Middle Caicos.


  1. you make me miss south. we own land on middle and my biz partner there is planning on diving our blue hole on the south side of the island which maybe a dozen people have ever been in.
    let me know before you go and I'll put you in touch with some good contacts unless you are already hooked up.

  2. sorry - you can reach me at jake @ cagora dot com