06 March 2010

Elusive Whales

The whales are nearby. Yesterday there were two sightings; one by me from land, and one by the students from the boats. So this morning several of us got up for a pre-breakfast excursion to look for them (and go for a dive). As it turns out, whales like to sleep in. We didn't see any. They seem to like the south side of South Caicos, though. It was from the bluffs at Shark Bay that I saw them yesterday, right next to the place where I saw them breaching Tuesday. Pepe suspects that these ones aren't just passing through, but are spending some time here. I hope that is true.

Yesterday from Shark Bay.
It looked like 3 whales (1 adult, 1 juvenile, and 1 sub-adult).

Waving Hello

Shark Bay from the Bluffs

I was disappointed about not seeing them this morning partly because seeing them from land just isn't the same as seeing them from the water, but mostly because Jessee was along and she hasn't gotten to see them yet at all. It's not fair sometimes that she doesn't get to enjoy as many of the perks of being in a place like this. Even when the other staff are really busy, part of their job requires that they go in the water. When Jessee's busy she can go weeks without being able to get out there. Tomorrow's Sunday, though, and hopefully it will be nice and sunny (there's has been a serious lack of sun on SUNdays lately) and we'll be able to spend lots of time out there looking for them.

From the dive: a funny looking Smooth Trunkfish, looking it's funniest.

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