13 November 2009

The White People Comin'!

A new ice cream shop opened on the island. And it's about time! You can get pints of ice cream from the markets, but there was nowhere to go for cones and scoops. Over the summer, our students would clear out the freezers between shipments. There was a serious business opportunity, and a Dominican family finally filled it.

The Shop

Their business hours are not really consistent. We made two trips over there (it's at the opposite end of town) last week only to find out they were closed. But last night we caught them when they were open. Actually, earlier during the day, one of the owners pulled up next to Jessee when she was walking down the street to tell her they'd be open all day.

They were as happy to see us as we were that they had actually stayed open. When we were coming up to the door one of the little girls shout excitedly to her mother, "the white people comin', the white people comin'!" I think Jessee and I were the only ones that heard it, but we had a good laugh over it.

Cookies and Cream

We were highly satisfied - the ice cream was good, not too soft, not too hard, and with no ice crystals in it. And best of all, a cone only cost $1! There's nothing on this island that goes for a fair price except this ice cream.

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