30 August 2009

Filling Tanks

With all the diving that goes on down here, filling tanks is always a job that needs doing. Recently I had the SFS Dive Safety Officer train me in how to use the compressor so that I can help fill them too. That's what I spent a few hours doing this afternoon.

Filling Tanks

Filled Tanks

There's not much involved, really - just switching out tanks when they've filled and purging condensation that builds up in compressor. I figure (as a diver) its a good skill to know, and besides I need to earn my keep around here. In between switching tanks I was also working on some of the final edits for my article. I should have another draft complete soon, and hopefully the review process will go quickly.

Being Studious

This evening I went out on a dive and emptied one of those newly filled tanks. And, believe it or not, I saw another juvenile Smooth Trunkfish! I'm starting to wonder if they have a breeding season and now just happens to be when juveniles are abundant. I hope so. Jessee gets back tomorrow (granted she is able to make the connection in Provo), and she'll be thrilled if we can go find one.

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