18 August 2009

Storm Update

I guess when I post ominous information about storm forecasts and don't update them frequently people get a little worried about what's going on. I'm following them closely, but I probably won't write about them that often unless they really concern us. Nobody (including me) wants to read a blog of information transcribed from the Weather Service. You can always check the National Hurricane Center website for current information, though: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/gtwo_atl.shtml.

The update: Bill is now a Category II hurricane and gaining strength. The forecast says "BILL COULD BECOME A MAJOR HURRICANE WITHIN THE NEXT DAY OR SO." The predicted track has a sharp turn north and should miss us entirely. The storm is moving very slowly, however, and this far out is way too soon to count on that prediction. I said I wouldn't mind experiencing a mild storm while we're here - Bill is not it.


Ana has more or less dissipated, and it's not expected to reorganize. A remnant low pressure zone was left behind, and we got some of the weather associated with it last night. Oh boy, did we get a lightning storm last night! It was exciting at first, but it went on so long that I was a bit annoyed at how hard it was to get back to sleep. We don't get lighting out in Washington. There's a lot of rain, but almost never lightning. I remember, after living there for a few years, a few of us heard a little rumble in the distance. We all looked at each other, a little confused, thinking the same thing, "was that thunder?"

Then there was Tropical Storm Claudette, which formed in the Gulf of Mexico and moved over the mainland US. It dissipated quickly and wasn't a major storm.

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