03 February 2010

Back to School

The students have returned. They arrived on Monday. Everything seems to be going smoothly so far, despite having so many new staff. In fact, things actually seem to be working better than before. The staff is more cohesive and burnout is far less of an issue.

I'm especially glad for all the new energy for diving too. The new waterfront staff are just like me and want to dive at every chance they get. This morning we anchored at "The Maze" for a dive (the permanent buoy was lost in a storm). We saw a Shark and a school of 5 Eagle Rays. I'm not sure what the reason is, but they have been gathering in larger groups recently. Since the returning, I've seen a school of 10, a school of 12, and a school of 5. Right now the students are out doing their "dive checkouts" and going on their first snorkel trips of the semester.

Eagle Ray

All the added diving means we've been running the compressor quite often. I've spent hours just sitting around waiting for tanks to fill. That's just the price I have to pay. It's a bargain.

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