08 February 2010

An Exciting Discovery

It's a flat calm day, so a few of us decided we'd go for a dive at a non-established site. Flat water is necessary to do that because without a permanent buoy you have to use the anchor. If the water is rough then the anchor won't hold.

Flat Water

We returned (approximately) to a spot that I had been to once before, which we've been calling the "East Bay Spur." We threw the anchor and went for the dive. When we got back to the boat we were surprised to find that our anchor had landed no more than 50 feet from an established permanent mooring! The East Bay Spur is actually an established site that was lost years back. It's really exciting to have found it because the area is really nice. Fortunately we had brought the GPS unit along and were able to record the coordinates.

East Bay Spur
(21.48376°N, 71.51434°W)

We're planning to replace the buoy. Once it's back, we'll be able to dive there more regularly, even when it's not that flat. Once we got back to the center, I told the people that have been here for a while about our discovery. It's turns out they knew the mooring was there and it was, in fact, called the East Bay Spur (it's funny how the name got passed along but not the fact that there was, at one time, a permanent buoy). They also told me there's one more site that is missing called "The Cone." I'm excited to go looking for it.

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