03 May 2010

Home Again, Home Again

I arrived safely back on South Caicos on Saturday and got settled back in right away. On the way back from the airport we drove past the Primary School so Jessee could show me the progress they'd made on the mural they've been working on. It's nearly finished, but the students will only be here for a few more days, so they're really down to the wire getting it done.

Above Santiago

I brought Jessee some chocolate truffles from the DR (good chocolate is one of those things that doesn't exist on South Caicos). But they were a little worse for wear after the journey.



Sunday is the day off, so we spent it snorkeling at nearby Six Hills Cay. It was nice to go there because we'd never gone before. You can see it from South Caicos, but it's not in our usual range. Compared with the Dominican Republic, the water is so clear and blue! I'm realizing how spoiled we've gotten being here. Not many places we'll go after this will measure up. You have to be remote, anymore, to get to see water this clean and fish this abundant.

On the boat near Six Hills.

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