27 May 2010

Summer's Coming

This morning we woke up in a stuffy hot room. It was the first time in months that it's been uncomfortably warm that early in the morning. Summer is coming. Which means it's also about time to solidify summer plans.

I had long ago hoped to have things sorted out and had been waiting until then to give this update. Unfortunately quite a bit is still up in the air. I had hoped to be starting a PhD program in Scotland this Fall. I was accepted to the University of Edinburgh, but I haven't been able to secure enough funding to go. It costs a fortune for overseas students! And my backup plan, the University of Vermont, turned out not to be much of a backup when I found out they had never received my transcripts. Now I feel a little bit lost.

I decided months back that I would return to Washington for the summer to work and prepare for the move. I even bought plane tickets - 4 June is my last day on South Caicos. Very soon! I had just been waiting until I knew the whole plan before putting it into writing on this blog.

As it stands, I'll be visiting my grandfather for a few days in Florida before a two week contract with Gray Wolf back in Washington. After that, I have no idea. I applied (and actually already interviewed) for an exciting job in Costa Rica with Outward Bound, but I haven't heard back from them yet. Either way, it's time (perhaps past time) to leave this island. It's been an unforgettable experience, but there's not much for me here. As time has progressed I've found that I can't really be involved with SFS life and the South Caicos community just isn't big enough to provide me with any outside opportunities. Life on a tiny tropical island just isn't always what the imagination leads you to believe.

Having such wide open possibilities would normally be pretty exciting for me, but this time I'm feeling a little less adventurous. All I really want is to start school this Fall. And I especially DON'T want to repeat the process of seeking scholarships or applying to backup schools for next year. I'm still waiting to hear how much money the federal government will lend me (things are delayed this year because of the recent changes to student loan laws), but it's doubtful it would be enough to attend and I'm leery of accumulating so much debt anyway. So, where I'll be come July, is very much unknown.

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