11 September 2009

Even More Photos

Here are some more pictures from the last few days. View the slideshows here or (at higher resolution) by following the associated links:

Dive at Troy's Dream
9 Sept 2009

Dive at The Grotto
10 Sept 2009

Snorkel at Admiral's Aquarium then Shark Alley
photos by Jessee
10 Sept 2009

I just want to highlight a couple of my favorites here. The first is of a Horse-eye Jack. They get quite large and aren't afraid of people at all. They'll come right up to you, swim through the middle of groups and circle nearby. This one was by itself and came around us when we were on our safety stop, ascending from a dive:

The other is of a Hawksbill Turtle. Normally turtles are quite timid and wary of people (likely compounded by the fact that so many are caught by researchers and fishermen), but every once in a while if you approach them very slowly, in an non-threatening manner, and limit direct eye contact (especially important), they'll let you get really close:

If you look closely, you'll notice large gouge out of this one's shell (on it's back, towards the top. It appeared to be mostly healed, but my guess is that it was hit by the prop of a motor boat.

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