27 September 2009


The change of seasons can easily go unnoticed down here. We don't get any dramatic change in colors or those crisp evenings that smell like Fall has arrived. I almost didn't realize that September is practically over already. Recently the temperatures have been considerably cooler (though certainly still not what I'd call "cool"). It's more like the length of time that the heat is unbearable during the day has shortened. I will say that nighttime is quite comfortable though. The water temperature has remained pretty constant at about 88 degrees on the surface, which is nice.

All this hot weather has got to be making us soft. It'll be a shock to our systems when visit the families this December. We've just purchased our plane tickets for the Winter break. We'll be back in the States from 17 December to 2 January! We're planning to visit Florida (to see my Leitner grandfather), Philadelphia (to see Jessee's family), Maryland (to see my parents), and (hopefully) a quick trip to New York (to see my Matulis grandmother). Our flights make a circuit from TCI to Florida (17 Dec) to Philadelphia (20 Dec) and back to TCI (2 Jan).

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