29 September 2009

Our First Dive

On Monday morning, Jessee and I went on our first dive as just the two of us. It was only about a week ago that she got approved to take out one of the boats without another member of staff onboard, so it was one of our first opportunities.

Checking her gauges on the safety stop.

The water was a little bit rough (which, I think, was a little nerve wracking for her), but once we got into deeper water it smoothed out. And, of course, the water is never rough below the surface. Conditions weren't the best (murky water), but it was a good dive. Noteworthy sightings on the dive include a Sharpnose Puffer (Jessee's favorite), a young Hawksbill Turtle, and a massive Grouper (probably 6 or 7 feet). We also swam through the arch.

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