29 September 2009

Hawksbill and Scorpionfish

Here's a video of a large Hawksbill Turtle that I came across on a dive at "The Maze." I was about 100 feet down, and it was just below that:

Hawskbill Turtle

And today I found a Spotted Scorpionfish, which is in the same family as Lionfish, but they are native here. They are venomous like Lionfish, except they are much more potent and have been known to be fatal. To say the least, I was very cautious around it.

Relying on camouflage, Scorpionfish will remain motionless until you're practically on top of it.

Venomous spines cover its body. You can also (just barely) see the brilliant orange and pink "warning" colors on the underside of its fins. When bothered it flips its fins and extends them to say get out or you're in trouble (I thought it better not to provoke it).

Can you tell where the fish ends and the rock starts?

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