15 September 2009

Lionfish Hunter

It's been a while since I first wrote about having any reservations about participating in the eradication of Lionfish. As I've spent more time here, learned about the effect Lionfish have on the ecosystems, and witnessed the rising population (I rarely go on a dive and not see multiple fish), I've accepted that they are disruptive and need to be removed. Though I have yet to personally catch or kill one, I've aided and abetted others in doing so. I've spent considerable time developing tools to make it easier and more effective - most recently I added a barb onto our homemade Lionfish spear. Here's a video of it in action:

And also, here are a couple more slideshows of recent photos:

Dives at Shark Alley & Plane
13 Sept 2009

Snorkel at Shark Alley and Dive at Maze
14 Sept 2009

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