27 April 2010


There was only one reason I came to the rural town of Jarabacoa. It was to see their famous waterfalls. I was slightly more impressed with the visual created by my guidebook than I was with the actual thing, but it was worth the short side trip. I hired a motoconcho (motorcycle taxi) to take me there. I was reluctant to go this way because it seems dangerous - these guys are always zipping around and never wear helmets - but he actually brought me a helmet and didn't go that fast.

I quite enjoyed the motorcycle. It made me want to tour around Ché Guevara style.

The big falls, Jimenoa Uno, is particularly famous. It is pictured in Jurassic Park. In the early scenes when they are arriving in the helicopter, Jimenoa Uno is the one in the background.

Jimenoa Uno

It didn't really look like what I remember from the movie. Part of the reason for that, my driver told me, was because the hydroelectric plant was running today. The plant diverts much of the water around the falls to produce electricity. Even still, it was a pretty sight.

Jimenoa Dos was a little bit smaller.

The third falls, Baiguate, was on the other side of town. It's the smallest of all, but had more water flowing over it. It was my favorite.

Salto de Baiguate

Pofirio was my driver and guide. We spoke only Spanish, and I actually understood most of what was said.

Along the way we stopped at the confluencia of the Yaque de Norte and the Jimenoa. A place, it seems, frequented by locals.

Others come to Jarabacoa to climb Pico Duarte, the highest point in Hispaniola reaching over 3000 meters. That's it behind the clouds.

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