29 April 2010


This morning I tried mangú (not to be confused with a mango). To begin with, any food with the sound "goo" in it's name is starting with a strike against it. When I asked the lady at the counter what it was, it got strike two - she explained that it was mashed bananas. I imagined something between slimy over-ripe bananas and baby food. Since there were really only two things on the menu besides dinner items and both included mangú, I gave it a try.

This whole meal cost me 60 pesos ($1.67)!!

What a great surprise! Mangú has to be one of the best foods I've ever tried outside of my comfort zone. It's not sweet like I was expecting. And it's actually not made from bananas, as I was told. It's made from yellow plantains. I don't really know how to describe it. It's closer to mashed potatoes than anything else, but the seasonings in it go really well with the onions, green peppers, and eggs. I think there might have been some olive oil in it too. Tomorrow morning I'm going looking for more.

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