11 April 2010

Food in Latin America

There are two things that are fairly certain about food in Latin America; the rice is good and the pasta is bad. Apart from that, you can count on it being difficult to things such as quality pizza. So far, however, the Dominican Republic has proved otherwise. The pizza I've eaten here outdoes pretty much everything I've had west of Delaware (yes, I realize there's an awful lot west of Delaware). So what explains this anomaly?

I'll venture a guess. According to my guidebook, by 1990 nearly 900,000 Dominicans had emigrated to New York City (that was 12% of the total population!). Most probably put down roots in The City and stayed, but some (including a man that later became president) returned. My suspicion is that they brought with them the knowledge of how to make truly excellent pizza.

I kept this one safely on the table.

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