01 April 2010


My recent interest in shipwrecks inspired a little exploratory diving. We have a site here called the "Spanish Chain." Ever since I arrived, I've wondered where the Spanish ship to which that chain was attached ended up. After my first dive at the site, I asked that question. I was interested in the Spanish gold that might have been inside it. The others laughed saying they were pretty sure the ship had just lost one of its anchors. Anyhow, I convinced some others to go with me to explore an area adjacent to it. In the worst case scenario, we'd get to see some terrain we'd never seen before.

Old Planks

Incredibly, we found something! How could it be that people have been diving here for decades and never found this?! Maybe somebody had, but they didn't think much of it. These didn't look like much more than a few boards laying half-buried in the sand. I tried to keep myself from getting too excited, we probably weren't the first to find this and the odds of it being full of Spanish gold are laughable.

We poked around in the rubble and sifted through the sand for a little while and, would you believe it, we found an old coin!!! Treasure! It's stamped with the date 1767. We dug around for as long as our air supply lasted and found two more. We couldn't believe our luck!

Silver Coin

After the dive, I went straight inside and looked up the phone number for the Turks and Caicos museum. I spoke to a lady that promised to have the curator call as soon as possible. I'm waiting now for him to call back.

The Ship's Anchor

By the way, APRIL FOOLS!

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