17 April 2010

Leaving Sosúa

I'm wrapping things up here in Sosúa. I'll be spending next week in Santo Domingo, the country's capital and largest city. I've got my bus ticket for tomorrow morning. Now I just need to pack. I said goodbye to my new friends at Tauchschule Merlin this afternoon and left them with a DVD of the photographs I took while I was here. Juergen, the owner, seemed to be pleased with the exchange (photos for diving). Even though the diving wasn't the best, I feel it was a fair trade and I'm glad to have gotten to see the area, especially Cueva El Dudú.

Here are a few more of the photos I took while here:

Smooth Trunkfish

A group of Squid

The tiniest Lionfish ever. It was as long as my finger is wide.

Yellowline Arrow Crab

Smooth Trunkfish looking for scraps.

Scorpionfish saying "I'm Deadly!"

Lionfish on a Sponge

And I'm off to the Caribbean side tomorrow:

That's 320 pesos, not dollars. That's less than $9 to all the way across the country!

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