04 January 2010

Back on South!

We made it, finally. Actually, we got here yesterday evening, 24 hours behind schedule. It wasn't supposed to take that long, but we got bumped off the first flight because of bad information. I can't even begin to explain how irritated we were with the lady who led us to believe we'd get on that plane. So we sat in the airport for the better part of the day hungry, thirsty, and uncomfortable, and with little confidence we'd get on the second (and final) flight of the day. We fully expected to have to stay a second night in the hotel. If there were any other option, I'd recommend never flying with Air TCI.

Arriving on South

The whole ordeal only increased my distaste of Provo. I'm sure there are nice things about it, but it caters to luxury tourists and has almost no budget options. Everything is so expensive there - two bagel sandwiches cost us more than $20. And when we finally got back here, we were quite dehydrated because a small bottle of water is $2.

It's uncharacteristically dreary today. Normally when we get rain, it passes through quickly and the intense sun dries everything up. But there must be a stationary low pressure system right over top of us now. If I'm right, it'll get very windy within the next couple days, and the sun will come back.

On the bright side, the poor weather made it easier to take care of the various chores we needed to do. The refrigerator has been severely neglected since we left. Half the stuff in there was rotten, especially the vegetables! So we spent about 3 hours cleaning it out this morning. Disgusting!

This used to be salad.

This was cheddar cheese when we left.


Into the Compost

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