21 January 2010

Business as Usual

The meetings have ended, and most of the guests have cleared out. Almost all of the staff have returned or arrived for the first time, and soon things will be getting back to usual. First, though, a couple friends of ours will be visiting from Paris - they arrive tomorrow afternoon. It's always a lot of fun to show people around the island, especially because they're easily impressed by the things we see (just a couple days ago, for example, we saw a school of 10 Eagle Rays (!) and I felt like I was the only one who thought it was something to make a fuss over).

School of Eagle Rays

Some recent photos:

My, that's a strange looking fish.

Cushion Sea Stars

Jessee and a Sea Star

It's too shallow for the boat to go to Sandy Point at low tide, so we shut off the engine and I pulled.

Giant Anemone

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