13 January 2010

Haitian Earthquake

Several of you have already been asking about the earthquake in Haiti last night. We didn't feel it here on South Caicos. We didn't even know it happened until almost two hours later. As soon as we heard, though, we went to check on tsunami warnings. There was one issued all the way through the Bahamas, but probability was low that anything significant would come. We learned this morning that a 12cm (yes, centimeter) wave was generated, and that tides and currents are expected to be a little unpredictable for a short period.

Rubble in Port-au-Prince


Our Dominican night watchman was quite worried about his family in Puerto Plata. They were far from the epicenter, so they should be okay, but he wasn't able to contact them. The pictures and videos coming from Haiti look quite bad. The presidential palace even collapsed.

Presidential Palace

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