02 January 2010

Stuck in Provo

We're back in the TCI! It's about 60°F warmer than the north eastern US, but slightly cloudy at the moment. It was a great (and busy) visit (but I'll write more about that later on).

We were supposed to be back on South Caicos today, but we missed our connection and got stranded in Providenciales. We were late taking off from Philadelphia because one of the acrylic windows in the cockpit was coming loose. Fortunately, the captain noticed this before we took off. We had to change planes and missed the connector plane to South by just a few minutes. We're hoping to get the first flight over tomorrow, but all the planes are full at the moment. We're on the standby list. Let's hope we get on - it's too expensive to stay in Provo for long.


  1. Happy new year Jess and Brett! Sorry you're stranded but you can do me a favor and research destination wedding plans for me while you're stuck! We want to come to you!

  2. Hi, Jessee and Brett. Welcome back to Turks and Caicos! You had a busy and eventful trip. Dampa

  3. Whoa!! Laura, are you serious?! We were excited about the prospect of Tanzania though. We didn't get your message until too late, but we can look into it if you are serious. You should know that Provo is very expensive though.