29 January 2010


We've just said "au revoir" to our guests from Paris. It was a fun and busy visit. I wondered at times if we were trying to do too much with them, and whether or not they'd prefer just relax and do nothing. We're pretty sure they enjoyed their time here though.

Here's a recap of some the things we did in photos:

Admirals Aquarium

Beach at East Bay

François & JC Making Crêpes

Doubling the Batch

We also made Jessee's famous Carrot Cake (I get two birthdays this year) and Cinnamon Rolls (JC's favorite). All this special food made the rest of the SFS staff big fans of our guests, especially on the night we served the crêpes.

JC is a really good tennis player.

A trip to Coast Guard

Volleyball at High Point


Deep Water

More Deep Water

Jessee "Duck Diving"

Barbecue at East Bay


This is the second time they've visited us now (including once before in Bellingham), so now it's our turn to go to Paris to see them. We're not sure when that will happen, but we hope we'll be able to go soon.

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